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In the digital age, having a robust online presence is more important than ever. SEO for Recruiters is a service we provide to enhance your visibility and reach on the internet. We offer:

– Monthly SEO service
– Guest Post Partnerships
– Featured Recruiters
– Link Building
– Content & Job Marketing
– Analytics Insights

– Candidate Search Optimization (CSO)
– Executive Search Optimization

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Recruiting Agency Consulting

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Enhancing your agency’s recruitment effectiveness often requires fresh perspectives, strategic insights, and targeted expertise. That’s where our Recruiting Agency Consulting services come in. Having been apart of multiple coaching groups ourselves, as well as every social network group we can find, there isn’t much we miss.
By-pass the big expensive groups and get 1-on-1 coaching and consulting for your agency. We have secrets that work.

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Website Design & Setup

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Like our site? We design, developed, and deployed it all in house. We use SEO, business, fault tolerant, speed, and security best practices. Scale it to an AWSEC2 instance with 1 click. Oh, and the total monthly cost is under 10$ per month.

– Best Practices, Easy Management
– User-Centric Design
– Mobile-Friendly Approach
– SEO-Optimized Setup
– Custom Features
– CMS Setup
– Security and Speed

Load Balancer and CDN Ready

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CSO & ESO – The SEO of Recruiting
Candidate Search Optimization (CSO) means improving your organization’s processes, visibility, offers, & branding with respect to the type of desired candidates.

Executive Search Optimization (ESO) means improving your organization’s processes, visibility, offers, & branding with respect to the type of desired executive.

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Experts and Job Orders across Every Industry

Introducing Recruiter Roundtable

Your Gateway to a Powerful Network

When we shifted our mindset from scarcity to collaboration, we saw faster placements, happier candidates, happier clients, and our bottom line increased. Being a part of a powerful network can significantly enhance your recruitment outcomes. Recruiter Roundtable is a premier recruiting network, where recruiters can collaborate, share job orders and candidates, learn from each other, and ultimately, have happier candidates and clients.

Due Diligence: We interview all of our members for a track record of success, expertise, and integrity.

Shared Resources: Access a wider pool of candidates and split fee agreements shared by our network members.

Collaborative Environment: Our network enables you to work with other recruiters to fill job orders quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Learning: Learn new strategies, improve your recruitment skills, and stay updated with industry trends.

Increased Placements: More resources and collaborative efforts mean more successful placements.


Why choose us As Partners?

Worry Free Split Fee Agreements

In the recruitment world, teamwork can often lead to big wins. Recruiter Split Fee agreements are partnerships where two recruitment agencies collaborate on a placement. One agency has the job order from the client (job order recruiter), and the other agency provides the candidate (candidate recruiter). When the candidate is hired and the guarantee period has passed, the recruitment fee from the client is split between both agencies.

Expanded Reach

By working together, agencies can access a wider pool of candidates and job opportunities.

Increased Efficiency

Shared efforts can lead to faster placements, pleasing both candidates and clients.

Risk Reduction

There are many nuanced situations that make split fee agreements complicated. We help you jump straight to the best practices with a network of honest businesses.

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